Saturday, December 3, 2016

Journey to the "Right" Job...

Last night I was puttering around as if looking for reasons to stay up late. Why is it that I don’t want to go to bed at night and I don’t want to get up in the morning? I know I am not the only one who suffers with this question! I can’t complain of insomnia, really, because much of it is my own fault. Anyway, as I puttered I came across a few old journals and began to read one. It was from about 9 years ago when I knew I would be moving from L.A. to Bakersfield. I was going through a lot of angst about what it would mean for my marriage, my career (finding a job), for me, for every part of my life… and dumped it all right there on the page (more like 10 pages). I ended the last page of my purge with:

Show me the way. Please give me a clue. 
Please grace me with wisdom to pursue 
the divine way to best serve You.

Evidently I had dumped enough because when I turned the next page of my journal to the next day, I had turned a corner, and had begun writing down exactly what I wanted, defining my next job, and using the writing as a tool to get clarity. 
Then (back in July 2008) I began reading aloud what I had written every night before I went to bed, visualizing it, feeling it, and fine tuning along the way… changing words here and there, taking out what was no longer meaningful to me, and I got it honed, I got clear, and the ball got rolling.

Reading the entry again last night I thought, this is great! If I ever decide to change employment again, this would be a perfect template; much in the last 9 years has changed and I could just update parts here and there. I realized other folks might find this a helpful tool also. Let me add, that everything in this affirmation came to be. Sometimes you just need to point the universe in the right direction.

To help you along the way, if you so wish, I am sharing with you my pages-long affirmation in its entirety! This takes about 5 minutes to read. Fill in or change the blanks (or anything else) as you like, and read out loud every night before you go to bed:
My new job in Bakersfield will provide a healthy environment for my spiritual growth and professional advancement. It will employ my many skills and aptitudes and develop new areas. I will be respected and appreciated for who I am, the experience and knowledge I bring, and my proven successes in the workplace. It will be an administrator or management position. I will receive excellent benefits including but not limited to: matching retirement plan; starting with 2 weeks’ vacation/year, with one week allowed right away for when my daughter’s baby is born; annual bonus [I should have been more specific on this one], medical insurance; tuition reimbursement; long term disability insurance; and life insuranceI will have a nicely furnished, graceful office space with ample natural lighting, and the quality tools necessary to attain excellence [the natural lighting btw is the only part that didn’t manifest]. My starting pay will be over $___K a year. My office will be within a few miles of our home [Actually, this didn’t manifest either… it was 8 miles]. 
I will interact with successful, intelligent, conscious, heart-centered and solution-oriented individuals on a daily basis, in an environment of respectful communication. My contributions to the organization will be honored with the compensation and position I fully deserve. My new job is exactly perfect for what I need in order to complete my lessons here and to serve in the most effective way. I am already moving in exactly the perfect direction toward this position. I will be hired for this job by the end of September 2008  [I received job offer the last week of September!] and will start shortly thereafter [my starting day was the first Monday in October]. I am ready now. I am already transitioning to my new job in BakersfieldI will work no more than 40 hours a week, and will have ample time and energy to take and excel in 3 college courses at a time [straight A’s, btw]. 
I am confident and secure, in the lap and grace of Guru Ram Das, now and always. I am confident, resourceful, talented, intelligent, capable, and an outstanding human being. My new employer will recognize this and be delighted and confident in hiring me. I will exceed their expectations on a continued basis. I will love my new job and enjoy the people I work with and for. My new job will allow me the flexibility to work away from the office some times. My new job is already decided upon. It is exactly the perfect position, with the perfect people, responsibilities, compensation, and environment for me.The work I will do is purposeful, challenging, and fulfilling. I will enjoy mutual respect and appreciation with my coworkers as we contribute to the organization and enrich each other’s lives. 
There is a higher purpose for me in Bakersfield that I am now realizing. My new job will require a high level of intelligence, used in professional writing, coordination, planning, and execution of multiple projects, problem solving, decision making, and leadershipI am confident, capable, and ready now. Guru is with me whether I recognize this or not, always and forever. Guru’s Grace never stops. I am enveloped in Guru’s Grace and compassion, and always feel – even most subtly – His presence, guiding light, and protecting hand in my life.
I am ready for this next step.I have the wisdom and sight, by the Grace of Guru Ram Das and with the blessing of Siri Singh Sahib Ji, to recognize the best opportunities for me to complete all my lessons in this life; to live, love, prosper, serve, uplift others, and fulfill my destiny. I  am ready, in gratitude. I  am now being led to the perfect position for me. Those at this new organization are now being led to recognize me as well. Guru has a plan for me and it is unfolding now as I have just described. 
My new job in Bakersfield is a perfect fit for me in every possible way. I will be hired for this position by the end of September 2008 and start shortly thereafter.
The Universe is now aligning all of the elements necessary for this to occur and for me to have a smooth transition to my new job and new home in Bakersfield by the Grace of Guru Ram DasI  am fully grateful for all of the blessings and experiences of this life. Wahe Guru!

And there you have it!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

40 Winks in the Air

I had an early morning nonstop out of Raleigh Durham having had only a couple hours of sleep the night before. I thanked God once again for getting a random TSA PreCheck boarding pass. It was the end of the New Year’s weekend and even at 5 AM the terminal was already packed. Once I had glided through security, boarded, and nestled into my A6 window seat, I pulled down the window shade (though it was still a bit dark outside, I knew it would soon be bright and light), turned down the fan, fastened my seatbelt, rolled my winter jacket up into its hood to make a tidy pillow, wrapped my neck scarf over my head to shut out as much light as possible, propped my “pillow” between the wall and my sleepy head, closed my eyes, and prayed for a good 40 winks during the 4-plus hour flight to L.A. I would be heading straight  from LAX to my office in Bakersfield, 115 miles north and a 2 hour drive. I needed all the shut eye I could muster!

Being thus engaged, I was nearly oblivious to the two individuals who took the center and aisle seats next to me. The first was Aisle Seat, an African American gentleman. I imagined he was in the music business. 

My husband and I enjoy doing this sometimes when sitting at a restaurant, or any public place, spotting passersby for whatever reason, picking up on small details, and creating stories of their lives.  Maybe it’s from watching all the Bourne movies far too many times.

So, as I peeked through the mesh of my scarf and eyed him for a moment, this is what I saw… someone in the music business, probably not a musician but maybe a recording engineer or something like that. Maybe flying back to work in L.A. after visiting family in NC, as I was. He didn’t look at me, but perhaps that’s because he had already noted the turbaned woman covered in a coat with a scarf draped over her face leaning her head against the window, and come to some conclusions of his own.

While I continued to doze off, Center Seat came. Thank God he wasn’t too wide or too long legged, so there would be no negotiation of legroom. New blue jeans. White guy, Vibed as younger than Mr. Aisle Seat. As he bent over to wrestle with his belongings, trying to get a small duffel under the seat, I noted his buzz cut. For some reason that made me think of Vanilla Ice. But I ruled out rap artist because, as he seemed to be taking a rather long time with his carryon items, it became apparent he was not an experienced traveler, and, of course, someone in the music business would have been on a plane lots of times. That’s as far as his story got, as my true goal was to nod off, which I must have done not too long after take off.

About an hour and a half later I was surprised to hear the Captain over the loudspeaker announcing we’d be landing at LAX in 23 minutes. 23 minutes!? Praise be! I instantly calculated I must have gotten at least 3 hours sleep, which is pretty awesome for someone who never gets much sleep on a plane. I perked up and opened the window next to me to let in some sunshine. Sure enough, there was Southern California below me, the vastness of L.A. stretching in all directions. Far to the left was what I assumed was Long Beach Harbor, no, probably San Pedro. Mr. Center Seat immediately leaned over to look out the window, “Wow! I’ve never seen California before!” he exclaimed with a not quite North Carolinian accent. 

I pushed back against my seat so he could see better. “Really? Right over there is the Pacific Ocean!” I replied. 

“The Pacific Ocean! That is cool. You know, as a matter of fact,” said Mr. Center Seat, “this is my first time ever leaving Virginia! I’ve lived there my whole life until now.” He peered out the window like a kid looking in the window of a candy store.  Even his next remark, “Wow everything looks a lot browner than I thought it would,” did not diminish his enthusiasm.

I saw him in a different light, now that I was actually awake and we’d engaged in conversation for a moment or two. He reminded me of a little boy meeting Mickey Mouse at Disneyland. Innocent joy and wonderment. “What brings you out here?” I asked.

“I enlisted last month and I’m here to report for training,” he said with a grin. I congratulated him on his choice to serve and pointed out a few landmarks to him as we drew closer to landing. “That’s Catalina Island way out there, it’s about 26 miles across the sea. And there, that hill that’s closer in? That’s called the Palos Verdes peninsula.” I could see Torrance Beach all the way to Malaga Cove, where I used to hang out in the summer during my teen years. In a moment we were on the ground.

“I hope you have some free time before you have to report,” I said, “so you have a chance to enjoy the beach and see some of the sites.” 

“Oh, no,” he said, “A couple of my buddies came yesterday and they did that. But the bus is picking me up right here!” His face literally glowed. All I saw was innocence. He vibed like a really good kid. 

The story started forming as we pulled up to the gate… I’ll bet he played football in high school. No, no, more likely baseball. He seems too nice and rosy cheeked to be a brute out on the playing field. But, I could see him hitting a homer and running the bases with that same bright smile on his face.

Mr. Aisle Seat was already moving up the aisle, but Mr. Center Seat was once again wrangling with his duffel. He hadn’t said so, but I realized this was likely his first time on a plane. 

Then he pulled my carryon down from the overhead for me and placed it on his now empty seat. As I began to get up, he stepped back and let me exit before him. I thanked him and wished him well. I truly meant it. “Thank you M’am!” he said.