Monday, June 14, 2010

A brief history of favorite snacks and sandwiches

Peanut butter on  one side
Then add strawberry and swirl into peanut butter in a pretty design
Put sides together
Onion slice
3rd grade
Leftover spaghetti and meatballs
5th  grade
    Peanut butter on one side
    Top with Bologna
    Mustard on the other side
    Put together
7th grade
    Powdered sugar
    Cocoa powder
8th grade
    Jello, any flavor, straight out of the box
High school
    Anything that satisfied munchies
Age 18-20
Avocado sprinkled with Dr Jensens vegetable broth powder
Hav a Chips
    Whole wheat bread
    Alfalfa sprouts
    Dr. Jensens Vegetable broth powder sprinkled on
Lost decade
    Ciabatta roll sliced lengthwise and very lightly toasted
    Light smear of eggless mayo topped with
    Lighter smear of Harissa
    Arugula and/or romaine leaves
    Sliced ripe luscious tomato
    2 slices Yves Canadian bacon, seared (use iron skillet, olive oil spray, high heat)
    Other side of bread spread with ¼ avocado
    This is still my favorite sandwich
Early Fifties
    Chopped romaine lettuce
    Chopped ripe tomato
    Kalamata olives
    Sliced red onion
    Baked tofu, cut in squares or baked tempeh strips (with little braggs & cayenne)
or chevre broken up into salad
    Chopped celery heart
    Chopped other veggies (broccoli, green beans, jicama, carrots, steamed beets) in season
    Trader Joes Balsamic Vinaigrette, or olive oil & lemon juice
    Day old ciabatta torn/cut into pieces
Late Fifties
    Option 1 – blender breakfast – put in blender until smooth:
½ cup frozen mango/papaya/strawberries/pineapple
½ banana
3 leaves of black kale (de-stemmed) or a big handful of fresh spinach
½ cup orange juice
½ scoop Alive vanilla rice/pea protein powder
1 Tbsp. organic flaxseed oil
½ cup water

    Option 2 little fried snack
    8 slices tempeh (1/8” thick crosswise)
    Heat olive oil in small iron skillet
    When very hot, fry one side tempeh until browned
    Turn over. Get second side slightly browned, adding more oil as necessary
    Sprinkle with Braggs and cayenne
    Turn over one more time and let sizzle 15 seconds
    If imagining being on a diet, bake tempeh instead, 400 degrees on cookie sheet sprayed w/olive oil
    Should be browned and a little bit crispy
    Eat with ZING raw cultured vegetables (with beets)
    And San-J black sesame rice crackers